• TREK Epi Island

    5 July at 14:20 from atlas

    This Trek is from Lamen Bay to Valesdir Airport 25 km.  This trek is unique in that it offers a out of the way quiet nature walk that includes local villages , forest, plantations and beaches. The walk includes some higher elevation views over Lamanu island and the coastline from which you have just ascended onto the ridge but the rest of the walk is relatively flat on a rural dirt road that follows the coastline. This is recommended for couples and groups or families.  This walk lends itself to either a full day, two days or three days if you wish to explore the surrounds stay in a village and go to the waterfall. The villagers are welcoming, friendly and inquisitive and it is recommended that  you spend at least two days to do the walk. The villages are spread around and hours walk between each. The arrangements of flights are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which suits landing in Lamen Bay and leaving from Valesdir.



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