TREK and Explore the diversity of Vanuatu - assisted by the outer island specialists in authentic culture in the most remote places rarely visited.

Step into a living dream time - experience the rich culture of Vanuatu and simple village life style unchanged for thousands of years. Trek into the jungle environs, dive, snorkel and trek the imposing volcanic landscapes of the "Pacific Ring of Fire." Dream your adventure we can make it happen.

Ground operators for the Orion Expedition Ship. Silverseas, Ponant, Bremen and Europa and more recently in March 2017 M.V. The World - we offer a truly authentic and unique experience in the outer islands of Vanuatu. No organized tours just an experience to suit your individual needs.

What's New - New Tours

  • Nalawan Festival South West Bay

    5 July at 14:24 from atlas

    The Nalawan cultural festival will be August 6-7th and coincides with travel from the Port Sandwich festival on the 1st and 2nd August ...

  • TREK Epi Island

    5 July at 14:20 from atlas

    This Trek is from Lamen Bay to Valesdir Airport 25 km.  This trek is unique in that it offers a out of the way quiet nature walk ...

  • Port Sandwich Arts Festival

    7 June at 15:51 from atlas

    This festival is coming up on 2-3 August.The Community of Lamap invites you to celebrate their culture, traditions and unique way of ...

  • Moon Cave - Maewo

    17 May at 09:18 from atlas

    Planes go every Thursday to Maewo - think about visiting the Moon Cave at Sanasom and ancient sites and drawings. There is a Cave of ...

  • Pentecost Land Diving

    22 February at 09:38 from atlas

    Book now for a 3 day visit to Pentecost for the land diving season April and May 2013. Every Saturday the men and boys of Londot risk ...


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